oor Performance? Well then...

Be patient, the initial download takes a while for a lot of reasons (see "Download and Play!" below). After the first time it should be faster.

We're flirting with the edges of Flash sanity. So, if you experience low frame rate, open your Prefs and turn Particle Effects to low or off, turn Day/Night cycles off, and turn Weather off. Sound and floating Combat Text should not heavily impact frame rates, so you can probably leave those be. . Finally, closing other graphics intensive apps you may have open in the background, including other web pages, will help.
ownload and Play! Instead of just "Play" :(

Due to Bandwidth Drama that's resulted in our being throttled by our service provider (QQ)... for the time being you may opt to download a ~9.4MB .zip, extract, and run WTF?! locally. We really apologize for this, but we did not anticipate the traffic we've been getting, nor the response to that traffic.

Note: This software is not officially sponsored by or directly associated with either the World of Warcraft developers at Blizzard Entertainment or their publisher and parent company Vivendi Universal.